Adding your own artist images

As guided by Koen, I am posting here the individual feature requests from my summary post. This will enable people to upvote where helpful to them. This is all one point below - adding your own artist images and ways to approach it.

  1. Adding my own artist image - One feature request I do have that I do not believe has been mentioned so far relates to the Artist image. I have found the best image I use for all my artist fields, which I use consistently in Media Monkey (beta of V5) and Plex. I really would welcome the ability to either upload an image of my choosing to the artist field. Or if the Album Artist capability is added, then to that instead.
  2. Using images from Plex - Another option on the artist image is that because I am using a copy of my Plex local cloud as a Astiga content, there are artist-poster.jpg files in every album artist directory (including the master Various Artists album artist directory). Anyone with a mature Plex library may of done the same. If an ability to edit the image was introduced, scanning for artist-poster.jpg could be introduced as a way to auto populate the Album Artist field.
  3. I appreciate combining Last FM image pull with uploaded images might be more complex than required, so I would be happy if it was either/or. I could then use the ability to add my own images (and others who prefer this).


  • I agree this would be great. I'm getting bothered at all the non-square images, or even just missing ones.

    Same for genres BTW. Half of them have no image, others are not as representative for the particular music I listen too.

    I also noticed images load very slowly. Is there a way to fix this? Especially if own images can be customised. I can imagine loading an image from my cloud could be lighter in queries, and I gladly spend some of my cloud storage on that. I'm just using Onedrive tho, so I'm not sure what's the easiest way to do that.

  • I'd like to add to this at the very least the option to disable drawing data from Last.FM. Most of my music is quite niche and has very unreliable or plain incorrect Last.FM information, so I'd prefer to just not have anything to do with Last.FM in my experience at all - artist pictures or bios.

  • CoyleyCoyley Member

    Hi CodeMacabre - yes that's my issue too and reason I raised this request. I'm very happy to not use Last.FM and populate all my own images (as I've spent a long time sorting them already).

  • KoenKoen Administrator
    edited November 2020

    So I am looking into this again. If I understand it correctly, Plex uses the convention "Artist folder name" -> "artist-poster.jpg" in that folder. Are there any other programs with other conventions? Or is Plex unique in this?

  • I haven't seen any others pick up artist images file a file. Ones I've seen in the past pull via a call into services (which seem often to get withdrawn by the source being called over time).

    While I do not use Plex anymore (as I'm on Astiga fully), that is a good feature they had to use the artist-poster file in the source artist directory. It is easy to do and gave control to the user of which artist picture the user wants to show.

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