Playlist Editing

Feature request:- Playlist Editing

Is it possible to make editing of playlists easier.

Rather than just adding to the current play queue when clicked on, could you have an option to edit the playlist?

In this editor, could you also sort on artist, song, album etc like you can in Google Music?

Also when adding songs to a playlist, it allows adding duplicates which make it confusing on large lists as there is no editor to check.



  • I would love this as well. At least the ability to change order in the web player, much like on the app. If I now want to add a song in between, I need to delete every song after it and re-add them all manually.

  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    @Cambionn You can drag and drop the songs in the web player playlist, just drag the album art up or down

  • I don't know how long I've been using Astiga now but I feel it must have been more than a year, and I never knew 😱

    I use the desktop app, but since that's just using the web player as if a native app it works too.

  • I would absolutely love a sorting feature for playlists.

  • I would love a more robust playlist editor that includes the ability to sort on different values and checks for duplicates.

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