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Loving the app so far, thanks! The sync has worked perfectly with Google Drive so I can leave Google Play Music behind and not have to use YouTube Music which has no sync option.

I have some questions about the interface on my Android tablet, version 8.1.0.

  1. The Library section on the web contains Overview, Albums, Artists, Songs, etc. However, the Library in the app seems to be the equivalent of the item under Storage on the web. I think I saw this mentioned in another discussion somewhere with a question about how to rename things. How about simply renaming Home to Library in the app, and renaming Library to Storage?
  2. In the app I seem to have a pin icon instead of the 3 vertical dots for some artists, albums, songs, etc. What does it mean and how do I add/remove it?
  3. In the Library view in the app, if I tap the 3 vertical dots in the top right, there's an option "First level artists". What does that mean?
  4. In the main left-hand menu in the app there's a Bookmarks option. How do I add a bookmark? It seems to be different to a star.
  5. My tablet usually turns the screen off after a few minutes but Astiga seem to keep it on. Any way to stop that and save battery?
  6. I set Temporary Loss of Focus to "Always Pause" but when I switch to Chrome it doesn't pause. It's fine because I want it to continue anyway but I'm not sure what the feature is supposed to do.
  7. What does Gapless Playback mean? I think a song got cut off early in shuffle mode so I've turned it off just in case.

Thanks again for the great app!



  • el_fozel_foz Member

    Ah, and one more:

    8. In the Home view in the app, what does the "This storage only" checkbox mean?

  • KoenKoen Member, Former
    1. Yes, that has already been done in the test version, and will be in the next version.
    2. It means that all/some songs of that artist have been cached. Removing it is possible by deleting the cache (you can turn that option on in Settings -> Appearance -> Show Delete.
    3. It determines whether the first level of your file browser are artists or not (ergo whether your folder system follows the artist -> album -> song system). If it is turned off, then it generally assumes the second level are your artists (e.g. in the case of genre -> artist -> album -> song or year -> artist -> album -> song). It mainly affects the artist information you see at the top.
    4. When playing a song, it is displayed between the 👎 🕓 and 👍 buttons. It's effectively a way to continue where you left off (for example in the case of audio books).
    5. That should not happen by default. Is "Screen on" turned on by any chance? (Now playing view -> three dots)
    6. It has to do with the audio focus. For example, if you get a notification (and your sound is turned on), then Astiga will lose focus for a moment for the notification sound to play. Astiga can lower the volume for that time (so you hear the notification sound), or temporarily pause.
    7. It will try to make sure that the second song starts immediately after the first, to avoid a short pause between them. It does not attempt to do crossfading or something like that. If a song temporarily has a playback error, then that may sometimes be wrongly interpreted as the song ending, and then gapless playback will immediately play the next song, which is probably what you saw.
    8. It limits the things from the albums lists/artist lists to the current storage selected under "Library" (the file browser) only. So if you have both a Dropbox with jazz, and a OneDrive with dubstep, and you select "Dropbox" as your storage, and tick that box, then the album list will only show the jazz albums, and not the dubstep.

    Thank you for the compliment, though of course I did not do it alone. This app is based on DSub, which in turn in based on the original Subsonic app, so thank them as well. 😉

  • el_fozel_foz Member

    Thank you for the complete answers! All crystal clear now. :)

    For number 5, false alarm, can't get it to do it now. I think it might have been charging at the time and so the screen stayed on.

    Looking forward to the new version.

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