Not all items show up after sync (S3)

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I had Astiga working fine, synced to an S3 bucket that had one album in it.

Then I added almost 30,000 songs to the bucket and did another sync and it looks like many things are not showing up. If I go to the list of Artists, I see a lot of artists starting with A through E, but only a few for any letters after than in the alphabet. Also, search does not work to look for an item I know should be there (artist name starts with S).

Is there still work (reading ID3 tags?) going on in the background? Or is there some limit because I am not a premium customer? I am considering going premium but I want to make sure everything works first before I do so. I have many more thousand songs to add in the coming weeks if everything works.

All the mp3's in my bucket are properly tagged and named.




  • PS. In the sync log there are 11207 lines and I would expect there to be almost 30,000. So it seems that the sync did not capture everything.

    Is there a limit to the number of songs that can be synced during one sync operation? Is this documented somewhere?


  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    There is no limit, well, until you exhaust the memory, but then we are talking billions or trillions of files. So far no one has come close to that, but hey, maybe you're the first 😉

    However, there was a bug where it would only show the first 1000 subfolders of a folder with S3. This should now be fixed, and it should be syncing again. Does that resolve your issue?

  • OK, I just got an email that the latest sync is finished. I am still not seeing artists in the later part of the alphabet.

    If I look in the log of the latest sync, I see a lot of GET operations but no ADD operations. So no new files were added.

    Is there any way to see how many songs Astiga knows about? Then I can compare that against the actual number of songs in my bucket.


  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    You can ignore the email you got. That was from when I tested whether it now works correctly. It didn't quite work correctly yet, so I stopped the sync again, but I forgot to disable the email. I fixed that, and started the sync again. The actual sync is still running. You can see the current progress on, or alternatively you could start a new sync, in which case it will show you the sync that's already running.

    The total song count is not listed anywhere at the moment. However, there is a feature request for it:

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