Google assistant (Android, Google Home, Google Nest Mini...)

Hi, I tried to use Astiga with Google assistant (Link and send to Device):

When I received the notification on my phone about "Try Astiga" (with Google Assistant), I've got an error message from Google Assistant saying "Sorry, I didn't find this application".

Astiga player for Android in installed on my device and it works fine, but I'm not sure Google Assistant refer to it.

I tried with my Nest midi too, but it seems the way I ask Google to play music on Astiga doesn't work. The term "Astiga" is understood by Google.



  • KoenKoen Member, Former
    edited July 2020

    What language is your Google Home/Google Assistant set to? Because guessing from the name, I'd assume French, which isn't supported at the moment.

  • LoloLolo Member
    edited July 2020

    Yes you guess is right.

    Ok I understand it only works in English right now.

    Is it possible to add more language (

    If you need some help to find the good French terms to use, don't hesitate, I'm here to help.

    Thanks a lot for all your work.

  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    It is possible, and the test version already includes more languages (Dutch and German to be precise). The main issue is that Google requires a localised privacy policy for every language. Translating the individual words is not too big of an issue, translating to every language more so, especially because like all legalese, precise phrasing is important.

  • LoloLolo Member

    Ok thanks for the detailed explanations.

    Would you like me to try to translate this privacy page in French? I'm not an attorney, but as IT company owner I'm used to this kind of contract and I should be able to find the good terminology.

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