Folders with periods failed to sync

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I have all my music organised by artist as the first level of folders on my laptop. It's sync'd with Google Drive and then Astiga is sync'd with Google Drive. There were only two folders/artists that didn't appear in Astiga after the full sync completed: P.H.F and Run D.M.C. They are the only artist folders that have periods in the name. Also, when I removed the periods, so they're now named PHF and Run DMC, it sync'd fine.

It's a bit weird because in my "Beatles, The" folder I have an album subfolder called "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" and that album has sync'd fine. So it only seems to fail when the top level folder has a period in it?

Not a big issue since I've solved it by renaming the folders ;-)


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    Whoops, my bad. Should now be solved (or well, within ~1h until your Google Drive's folder cache expires).

    If you are interested in the reason: Google Drive returns the file type of each file, but Astiga supports more file types than Google Drive knows about. So if Google Drive returned something that was not an audio type, it would reassign the type based on Astiga's analysis of the file extension, or keep the original if Astiga did not know anything about it either. Problem is that it also did this for folders.

    In the case of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, the extension would be Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, which does not exist. In the case of Run D.M.C, it would be C, which does exist (namely, look at the file extensions in the column on the right), which is not an audio file.

    I now fixed it to not check folders, so it should now work. At least, from what I quickly tested:

    GET    Muziek/D.M.C
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    Love the explanation, thanks! I've renamed them back and we'll see what happens after the next sync... :-)

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