Not finishing tracks

I listen mostly to classical music so most of my tracks are over 15 minutes, some over an hour. When listening, the player will sometimes skip to the next track before completing the current track. This occurs randomly with no discernable pattern. Any ideas why this would happen and how to prevent it?


  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    Turn off gapless playback. Settings > Playback > Gapless Playback.

    Some devices report that a song has finished before it has actually finished, which causes it to skip to the next song.

  • I hadn't noticed that was checked. I'll give that a try. Thanks much!

  • CoyleyCoyley Member

    Gapless playback has two places it can be set, Settings and in the Casting ones - mentioning in case needed on this.

  • Sadly it's still happening with gapless playback disabled in both locations. Since some of the prematurely aborted tracks were still cached, I set Google Play Music to "downloaded only" and tried playing them in GPM. The tracks ended early in GPM as well so it isn't a playback issue. It seems the affected tracks are not downloading properly. Or possibly they haven't synchronized properly from my storage to the Astiga server. Whichever is the case, it doesn't bode well for Astiga being a viable option for streaming my music library.

  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    Peculiar. If you send me an email with which file it happens, plus the downloaded file should you still have it (/Android/media/, I can look into it.

    The synchronising only creates an index - it does not store or convert your files on Astiga as Google Play Music does - so it is not that files were synchronised only partially. It may however be something to do with how the file is served, or of course the file itself.

  • Thanks I'll try to email later. So during a sync, the files are transferred to Astiga then indexed and not stored? And when i play music on the app, Astiga is transferring it from my storage to my app?

  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    Mostly correct, although when you request a song it is first cached on Astiga, and then downloaded from Astiga to the app.

  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    The issue should be resolved now.

  • Thanks very much, Koen. I've had no issues since our email conversation. You're the best!

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