start in overview tab with playlist open

I think it would be nice if the Windows app opens in the Overview tab with the current playlist opened (not it's automatically hidden). This mainly since when you open a music app, it's more often because you want to listen than need to use the things listed on the home page.

I generally use the web player to edit stuff, and the app to listen, for the simple reason of that I need to use the internet browser to access my cloud storage (on purpose, don't want a huge library of uncompressed lossless files synchronising between all my computers each time I boot one up). But even for those who don't, I would like to think most people listen to their music more often than that they edit it, making the Overview tab probably more useful to be the first view upon opening the app.

Back when I used a nativefier-made desktop app I had it open on the page by simply using the "" url when making the application, but since there is an official one for Windows now I would like to use that (also to ensure I have the newest/most supported version).


  • There is an official Windows app? Where do I find this? Currently I am using a batch file with the command "start chrome --app=""

  • KoenKoen Member, Former
    edited October 2020

    On the apps page at the bottom there is a download link, although it will do mostly the same as your batch file.

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