Starred albums not autosyncing

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I am using android (version 10 on a pixel 2) with Astiga app. I have the setting set to sync all starred items. But this doesn't seem to happen automatically. When I star an album and refesh the page, nothing happens. I keep having to click 'permanent cache' in the starred items section to get things to actually sync.

Sync is not working very well either. It often freezes mid sync, and I have to reboot to try again.

Much easier and sleeker way to sync music needs implementing. At the moment even the terminology in the app is over complicated, with cache, sync, permanent cache, and 'sync starred' supposedly doing the same or very similar jobs.

Just my ten cents.


  • KoenKoen Member, Former
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    Just to be sure, you have syncing enabled for your account as well? Also, syncing happens on an interval (by default 1 hour), so it won't be instant. The streamlining of terminology is being worked on.

  • I do have it set to sync. Tried moving that to 15 minutes, but it didn't seem to work.

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    It also does a terrible job of resyncing. I had 50 albums starred in the app. Starred sync is set. Those albums were saved on my device from a previous sync. Now I star 10 more albums. When Astiga resyncs it chooses to delete half my previous albums and resync those albums, even though nothing had changed.

    I have been trying to get these albums to sync all day and having limited success.

    When it gets stuck on a song, I find that if I go and search for that song and play it briefly then the syncing continues. Very tedious.

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