Getting started: right service? data storage?

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Hi guys,

I'm desperately looking for an alternative to GPM after the shitty replacement not only messed up my whole music library and makes it impossible to find anything, but also added masses of music that is not mine to my totally legal and paid for collection. Not sure yet how to delete the whole lot, but anyway.

So I have about 12k songs (85gb) sorted into Albums, then into Artists. All files are tagged with album title, song title, song number, year, artist, sometimes a few extra things. I only listen to whole albums with songs in the right order. I'm looking for help to get started with this as Astiga seems a bit more complex than what I'm used to. I want to play my music as full album either from my browser or with an easy to use app on my iphone (white background fairly mandatory due to eye issues).

How do I go about this? Mega only offers 50GB of free storage space. Could I use two Mega accounts or can I only link one account from each cloud storage, which might potentially be a problem for me. Other options? I can't load data from service to service as I only have 5GB of data per day (mobile data, no home internet available). Thus I'm looking for a more durable option.

Which app would be most suitable for ios?


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    Yes, you can add multiple MEGA storages next to each other. Whether having multiple MEGA accounts is also allowed by MEGA, I do not know, so I will not endorse it. There are other options too, but whatever fits you best is up to you (and your budget).

    For iOS, the most popular apps are AVSub, play:Sub, and iSub. Which one you prefer is up to your personal preferences and requirements (e.g. Apple Watch support, Apple CarPlay, etc.).

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    Thanks a lot Koen. I'll play a bit more with this. Still lots of questions open, but maybe some will fall into place eventually.

    At the moment the biggest annoyance is the dark colour. If you have a visual impairment, especially with regards to low contrast then grey and purple on dark is very difficult to see, especially in the evening.

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    I have been working on tweaking the interface to provide better contrast, but it is quite difficult to see how others see.

    The background should now be a tad darker, and most text should now follow the WCAG AA guidelines for normal text (previously those links were classified as user interface components, which require less contrast (4.5:1 instead of 3:1, where the contrast was previously around 4.2:1 if I recall correctly).

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    Thanks a lot Koen! Looks good. I personally would actually prefer a white or light grey background (maybe selectable as a user choice), also because my stupid computer scales back the screen brightness when i visit a dark website, and then it's still dark for a moment when I go back to something less dark (support has not managed to disable this), but I might be the only one who prefers bright colours.

    I think I've figured out how to easily solve all my other little issues and now really love your service. If I ever get bored I might look into how to make a firefox script to overwrite your choice of colour. Other than that: who needs GPM.

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