Couple of questions re artist name and search

So i just uploaded a few albums to a cloud service to see if it works. I ran into a few problems:

  • none of the artist names show up. Turns out that all artists are stored under Contributing Artist on the files and not under Album Artist. is that the problem? How can I fix this, other than changing some 11k files per hand?
  • and I can't search for anything really. If I type in any song title or part title that I know is uploaded and synced I get the message that "We could not find any song matching your search term. Please check your spelling, and make sure that you have entered at least three characters." No spelling mistake. The search can't even find "the". Oh, and can I only search for songs, and not artists or albums? That would be a serious bummer as I enjoy listening to full albums and often don't even know how single songs are called.

Thanks a lot.


  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    Did you sync your files? Because it sounds like you did not yet, in which case Astiga knows nothing about the files on your cloud storage, other than that they exist. After they are synced, they should appear in the search results after +/- an hour (generally quicker). You can search for albums, artists, and/or songs.

  • NinaNina Member

    Yes, I did sync. Turns out the artists are available under list, but not the grid view. Considering I'm not a premium member I of course can't sync again now.

    Searching: I can search on Overview where I get lists with artists, albums and songs, but searching directly on artists, albums or songs gives a 'not found'.

  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    Ah, then I presume your only have the album artist field filled out? If so, then it will only show them in the list view, yes.

  • NinaNina Member

    Contributing Artists is filled out. Oh well. Can't help it then. Decisions you took 10 years ago. I'm not going to change this on roughly 12k songs

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