Sorting albums by a second attribute & toggling album names on/off

I'll just start by saying that I am loving Astiga - I used to use Groove music, but since streaming functionality from OneDrive was ended, Astiga is really the only alternative.

Ok so first, the ability to sort albums by a second attribute would be really useful! I mostly use 'Genres' to find my albums, and I have a lot of soundtracks. At the moment, all albums listed as soundtrack are listed together in a single block.

Wouldn't it be nice to have those sorted by a secondary attribute? E.g. having albums listed by Artist when looking at a Genre, or having them listed by Year when looking at an Artist.

At the moment there are the grey tags at the top, but when you have alot of artists it can get really cluttered, and sometimes it's nice to just scroll and see them.

My second suggestion is the option to toggle album names on/off in settings, or maybe move them beneath the album art. The vast majority of the time the album art alone is fine to identify the album, and having the album name in text on top really obscures it.

So together it would look more like this:

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