recognition of Asian characters

As my collection of Asian music grows, I noticed every name starting with an Asian character is trown into "&" turning it into an "Asian artist" category. I understand kanji/hanzi might be too hard to have automatically sort since pronouncing depends on language and context, but it would be great already if hiragana, katakana, and hangul would sort based on their romanised writing (since those are always the same). So that names like ちゃんみな (romanised: Chanmina) would be at c instead of &.


  • CambionnCambionn Member
    edited October 2021

    @gravelld You asked me some time ago if there were treads for all my requests and bugs. I got some spare time so I figured I'll go by them, tagging you in those existing and still relevant as they can be a bit old.

    This probably also counts for other writing systems that Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

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