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I'm new to astiga and have occasionally some doubts about the usage of its Android App.

So far, I am syncing two cloud storages (I got myself a yearly subscription) - box and Nextcloud - with a total of approximately 55 Gb songs, which I downloaded from Google's Music App (Music YT is useless for me).

Before starting to sync I tagged all songs via Music Bee with at least four basic tags - album, artist, genre, title - more or less consistently.

I moved my Music Bee library organized in (artist) folders into box (around 40Gb) and Nextcloud (around 15 GB).

I have no idea if this information helps to better understand my questions, just trying to describe my context, maybe it helps 😅

So, my questions are:

1. I can star a song, but under "Home" there is no "starred" songs category. Neither a "top rated" songs category. These categories exist under Albums and - at least for "top rated" - under Artists. So, basically, although I "star" or "like" (thumbs up icon) or manually rate a song, there is no category or playlist, where this is recorded/reflected. Why? (I'd like to gather my favourite songs somewhere, not albums or artists)

2. What are bookmarks good for? I get somehow confused between bookmarking, starring and rating a song (and there are two different ways of rating a song, via thumbs up icon - immediately rates 5 stars - and manually in the playlist view - via three dot menu)

3. What does "batch mode" mean? Click box under three dot menu in single song view.

4. Finally, it would be great, if I could add a song to a playlist directly from the song view, rather than have to go to the automatic playlist list, click on the three dot menu an than get the option to add a song to any playlist I like.

Thanks for this fantastic cloud music solution!


  • KoenKoen Administrator
    1. The one under album list should also display songs and artists. The starred/rating part is still a thing that I want to revise at some point, but the list of things I want to do still is quite large.
    2. Mainly useful if you have longer audio files (mixes of several hours), as bookmarks allow you to continue where you left off.
    3. Basically a way to select multiple files in the now playing list instead of moving their playing order.
    4. You mean from the Now Playing view (the one with the large album art and ⏮ ⏯ ⏭ buttons)? Because it should be there in other places.

  • Thank you Koen!

    1. Looking forward to it 👍 I was thinking of an automatically added playlist, e.g. one stars a song (or likes) and it will pop up automatically in a "Your favourite songs". So far, I can only star, bookmark, rate songs, albums or artists in the mobile app anyway, correct?

    2. Understood. Thanks!

    3. Understood. Thanks!

    4. To explain this matter better, I will share a couple of screenshots.

    This is what I see, when I am listening to a song in "full screen mode" https://app.box.com/s/e2044u8oxwy89tny0y3x5fja1lwg4l53 You see no option to add from here to a playlist, only save playlist.

    So, when I click from here (Full screen mode), on the bottom right playlist icon, I am getting a view, which allows me to add via the three dot menu a song to an individual playlist. Here goes the screenshot https://app.box.com/s/rlwki7d31f0luttm8w7siyyvisp92c26

    Not a big deal, just wondering, whether a shortcut would make sense 😃

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