Playlists-how do they work?

Hi, how do playlists work in Astiga app. I can create a playlist and save songs to a playlist but if I try to reorder songs in the playlist Astiga just reverts back to the original order when exiting the playlist. Am I missing something?


  • KoenKoen Administrator

    Which playlist are you changing? The now playing list or the playlist itself?

  • PcookPcook Member

    The playlist itself (I believe)

    I created a playlist (select track, add to playlist, create new) and then selected each additional track and said 'add to playlist', I then go to the playlist (main menu, 3 bars top left, playlists) and open up the created playlist and drag tracks to re-order. I can only seem to move a track up in the list not down, the last track can't be moved at all and when I exit the playlist and go back in the order is back to what it was before I re-ordered.

  • KoenKoen Administrator

    I'm looking into it.

  • I have a question: Is it possible to download/export/back-up playlists from Astiga?

    I'm afraid of accidentally deleting a playlist (especially longer ones I reconstructed from google play inside Astiga) and since there's no recent deletion history or something, I'd like to be able save my own back up of these playlists if possible. So I'm just wondering if that's a feature

  • KoenKoen Administrator

    Not directly, no, because the file itself is not that useful outside Astiga.

    You can however make it work if you don't mind getting a bit creative. The documentation for retrieving playlists is here:

    What you could do is request all playlists ( You then get a response like this:

    <subsonic-response status="ok" version="1.16.0" xmlns="">
      <playlist id="3512518" owner="" name="Portal Stories" public="false" songCount="41" coverArt="406191" created="2019-12-23T16:50:42"/>

    What you can then do is request every playlist using the ID (, which will give you the playlist data:

    <subsonic-response status="ok" version="1.16.0" xmlns="">
     <playlist id="3512520" name="2019-12-23" owner="" songCount="22" created="2019-12-23T17:51:26">
      <entry id="3506323" parent="199910" title="Adam" artist="Darius" artistId="443" album="ON Trax Vol. 7" albumId="199910" genre="" coverArt="31855" size="7921578" contentType="audio/x-flac" suffix="flac" duration="139" path="LAPFOX TRAX/ON Trax Vol. 7/Darius - ON Trax Vol. 7 - 01 Adam.flac" type="music" isDir="false" bitRate="455" created="2019-12-23T17:51:26" year="2014" track="1"/>

  • I take it there is a limit to the size of a playlist - I've been adding and adding but I get the idea that it is running out of memory as it is crawling now if I click into the playlist?

  • KoenKoen Administrator

    @Maccatori There is no hard limit where Astiga will stop you. Practically however: Yes. Up to around ~5000 should be fine, over that it might start to become a bit slower (depends a bit on your device as well; the app can handle more than the web version).

  • Hi @Koen Thanks. I'm on 3500 songs and it just crawls on Desktop. Mobile is fine, I guess I can just remove songs via mobile, maybe aim for 3000.

  • @Koen got it, thanks!

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