"Sync" of web/mobile

It would be amazing if my mobile could sync with the web version, so I could listen to a track at work via the web, and then pick up my phone and continue the playlist.

Is this just a pipe dream? 😃


  • Let me know if I should post this as a separate feature request, but I would especially love this for podcasts -- it's the primary feature that keeps me from switching off my current podcast app (Pocket Casts). I listen to 100+ podcasts and keep a lively "up next" queue. The ability to sync position across devices is crucial for my style of listening, although I recognize it might be niche. 😄

  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    Podcasts should already sync their progress between the app and website, or at least from app to website, and website to website. I am not sure whether I implemented website to app yet.

  • Oh, nice! I see the app to website sync works pretty smoothly. Website to app maybe isn't present yet, but the website resets my position to 00:00 very easily (e.g., when clicking on the ep in the playlist), so that's tricky to assess quickly. That's separate from this feature request, though, so I won't hijack it further. Thank you for the nudge, @Koen.

  • Website to app seems to be happening for music. I was listening via the website today and when I later used the app it synced and I could carry on listening.


    Now for the other direction and it will be perfect!

  • KoenKoen Member, Former
    edited October 2020

    Both directions should work, but the logic for determining when to store/load the current playlist is still suboptimal (as you may have noticed). If you close the app (back button or menu -> Exit), then it should also appear in the web player. Not in real time, mind you. The web player loads it when the page loads, and stores it every five minutes.

  • Thanks. That's amazing.

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