Offline scrobbles not uploading to profile on Android app

Hey Koen!

First off, I want to thank you for making an incredible and easy to use cloud music platform. I'm amazed at how well it works, and Astiga has made my transition away from Google Play Music both easy and fulfilling. I also appreciate the efforts you went through to make a Snap app for Linux!

I wanted to notify you of what might be a bug, or just possibly an error on my end (not sure). I have Astiga set up to scrobble my plays to, which works fine normally. I've twice put the Android app into offline mode and listened to music as usual. When I've put the app back into online mode, it gives me a prompt to submit to or delete the scrobbles that were logged while in offline mode. Both times I've chosen to submit them, but they have not shown up on my actual profile.

I don't think it matters to this, but just in case you need the information, I'm using pCloud as my cloud storage.


  • KoenKoen Administrator

    Do none of them show up, or are only some of them missing?

  • None of them.

  • KoenKoen Administrator

    I looked into it, and I think I found the reason. A long time back, some IDs were changed, however, the app still has the old IDs cached. Which means that if it tries to look up the ID for a song you played while offline, it will find the old one, which no longer works. This is not the case when online, or with songs that were added later.

    Clear cache at the moment does not clear that yet - it will in the next version, so if you want to fix it now then the only thing you can do is reinstall the app.

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