Shuffle from here in Library - not per album but per track

I'm not sure if this is feature request or a support question but here we go: when I take the library view there's a "Play Shuffled" action when choosing the 3 vertical buttons at the right side. What this does is putting the albums that are in that specific folder in my playlist in random order (but it's playing each album in the right sequence). I really love this feaeture because it solves my "hmm what Prince album do I want to play" problem but i would also like to be able to play all tracks in the folder in random order, i.e. criss-cross between albums.

Is this a function I have overlooked or can you put it on the wish list?


  • KoenKoen Administrator

    If you go to the Now Playing view, there's the shuffle button 🔀 that should mix everything up, regardless of album.

  • hi Koen,

    ah, thanks for pointing that out. The only thing then is that you always start with the first track of the first album in that folder. Which is not a big issue (for me).


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