Bookmarks, Shuffle, File Play

I have recently come across a few problems I was curious about.

1. My bookmarks no longer seem to work. By that I mean they aren't being added automatically anymore.

2. The last track on an album doesn't fully play anymore. I tried another player and the file plays fine. For example if an audio book has 10 discs the last file in, let's say, disc 1 won't fully play,but all other tracks on the disc will.

3. Artist shuffle. Not sure what I'm missing here, but if I go to a specific artist and then click shuffle, it does not randomly play songs from random albums, but instead picks the alphabetically first album for the artist and plays the entire album.



  • KoenKoen Member, Former
    1. Not sure, nothing regarding that was changed recently. Bookmarks are only automatically created for podcasts and audio files that are longer than 10 minutes, and when playing for longer than 50 seconds.
    2. In the app? I will look into it, but I have so far not been able to reproduce it.
    3. It should shuffle the album order (although the songs within the album will stay the same). There is of course a chance that the first album will be played first.
  • Migrationbot requested shuffle song not just album feature. I'd like to second that request. Thanks

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