Multiple Genres per Album

I'd like to see a way to "link" multiple genres to an album. Currently, if an album is tagged "Pop; Rock" it doesn't show up under "Pop" or "Rock". It could be fairly easily doable if there's currently a mapping of [genre: album] stored in the database somewhere (and I'd guess there is). For each album imported, you could see if there's something that looks like a delimiter (semicolon, comma, ampersand, etc). Then on import you could add the album to that mapping using the genre split around the delimiter, e.g. both the "Pop" and "Rock" genres.


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    I would like to up this one, but for songs too. It seems an old request from the old forum, but I just tried this and it seems only the first listed genre is used (using a ; to separate genres). For example, a song which genre is marked as "Nederpop;HipHop;Pop" only appears in Astiga as Nederpop, but not as HipHop nor Pop. So it seems a step further of the old request, but still not quite where I would want it to be.

    Many songs belong to multiple genres. Either they are a mix, they are an instance of a song in a certain genre becoming so popular it also becomes part of pop music, or it might be foreign pop music, like Kpop, Jpop, Russian pop, Cpop, etc, Nederpop, etc. It would be nice to have these songs available in all listed genres.

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  • This should be a standard feature, as even within one album, there can be many genres. All my songs are tagged at an individual genre level. That seems the most important part of genre requirements before anything else.

    Having multiple genres per song is another level of complication. I haven't seen many/apps that support multiple genres per song properly.

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    I'm pretty sure you can add a different genre for each song, it'll just list the album in the "album" tab as "containing this genre" and the only lists the song tagged as it in the song part below that on the genre-specific page. That's just a mater of making your metadata as so.

    Since apparently Astiga already realises that a ; means there are multiple genres listed (which is to my knowledge a common way of adding multiple genres), I'm hoping that it will add the songs in the list of all of these genres instead of only the first. As for having the correct genres, that'll be up to the person who enters the metadata. But since many modern artist get influenced by multiple genres, many songs are a mix between genres and it can be hard to decide to which genre a song belongs most.

    While being at it, same thing could be said for artist. Right now, I can use album artist and song artist to at least add two artist on songs that are collaborations (it appears on both artists' page), but I seem unable to add more. Yet, I have songs that are a collaboration between 4 or even more artists. The same principle for multiple genres could be used there.

  • I vote to expand this to more than genres. All tags, in fact. I'd like to add 2 artists and see them separately in the lists, not as "John Lennon/Paul McCartney"

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    Interestingly enough it seems to be "updated" a bit. Where first it'll only lists the first genre, right now when using a ; between genres, it'll makes a new genre with all genres combined (like "nederpop;hiphop;pop" became "nederpop & hiphop & pop" as one big genre). I guess that's a sign that there is being looked into it 😉.

  • Using Discogs to import album information, all the separate genres in my library are delimited by a forward slash. When the "multiple genres per track"-feature is implemented, I sure hope it will support both semicolons and forward slashes as potential delimiters!

  • @gravelld You asked me some time ago if there were treads for all my requests and bugs. I got some spare time so I figured I'll go by them, tagging you in those existing and still relevant as they can be a bit old.

    This one is still very very interesting to me. I gladly go over all my files their metadata if this is added.

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