Adding Songs to Playlist

This applies to both web and app. Is there a way to add a song to a saved playlist?

Also in the Android App, Library shows my folder structure from cloud drive, but unlike in the web, not sorted by Artist, Album, Genre... etc... am I missing this feature somehow?


  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    The naming in the Android app is a bit confusing, my apologies, will be partially fixed in the next version, and then gradually in the versions after that. The "Library" shows your folder structure. Under "Home" are the overviews per genre/artist/album etc.

    Adding a song to a playlist is not possible in the web app, in the Android app, it's under the three dots next to a song, and then "Add to playlist".

  • Yes agreed in the Home tab I found it but is a bit confusing, under Album Lists/Artists Lists/Songs each has "Recently Added, Recently Played, Most Played etc..." I think is too many options. These could be under a Sort By option instead, so on Left is Albums, Artists, Songs, Genres, and on the three dots on the upper right, can have a Sort By that has those options such as Recently Added, Alphabetically... just a suggestion.

    I could not find the three dots next to the song you mentioned. I attached screen shots from mobile. The only three dots are upper right, but not have option to add song to playlist.

    Another question, is where and how are the playlists saved? Are they as .m3u files saved to the cloud drive?

  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    It is one of the areas I want to revise still, but that is still something for the future.

    The three dots can be found here:

    The playlists are saved on Astiga. There is no way to export them to M3U or PLS, and because a playlist may have files from more than one storage (such as both Google Drive and OneDrive) or even things like podcasts, it's not possible to create a M3U file from that.

  • Ok I see it now, I must have been in the wrong view. Thank you

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