Astiga has pCloud root access

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When adding pCloud, Astiga asks for an 'initial folder' where music is stored. However, when an access token is requested it grants root access. This means Astiga technically has (read) access to the whole contents of my pCloud account, rather than just the music. That's not ideal if I store anything sensitive in other folders.

Here is the linked apps entry in pCloud:

App Name Astiga

Publisher Koenvh

Folder /(root)

Access Type Read Only

Would it be possible to use the initial folder as the shared folder for the access token?


  • I have only taken out a Pcloud subscription for my music share to Astiga, so it is less of an issue for me - but you make a valid point. Thanks Mark

  • KoenKoen Administrator

    Well, pCloud does show which folder it has access to since I believe last month (namely /, so everything), but the documentation does not mention how an app would request access to a different folder, hence it seems not possible at the moment. I presume this will be added later on pCloud's side, after which it'll also be added to Astiga.

    I expect to see this popping up with more cloud storages soon. Previously, access was all or nothing (as is still the case with for example Dropbox), then the access got more fine-grained with read only, read and write, etc., and I expect (and hope) that access to specific folders only is the next step. Once that is supported, it will be implemented in Astiga as well.

  • Alex_RobinsonAlex_Robinson Member
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    Great, that makes sense, thanks for the response. I'm new to both.

    I think I can workaround it by sharing the music folder with a second free pCloud account to connecting this account to Astiga

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