Getting Astiga to work with Koofr WebDAV

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I tried to get Koofr (a small cloud storage service from Slovenia) to work with Astiga via WebDAV and so far I haven't been able to get there.

Koofr's WebDAV instructions:

Their server is, so in Astiga, I entered as the base URL and /dav/Koofr as the initial folder. I also tested using the full URL as the initial folder.

Astiga does not return an error, but it doesn't show any files/folders nor does it sync anything.

The same credentials work on Android (X-plore, Cryptomator) and Windows (Cyberduck) without issues.

Any idea what is the problem?

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    Koofr implements their WebDAV server slightly differently to other servers, which causes the folders to be detected as files (you can test this by renaming a folder to example.mp3). I have contacted Koofr about this, and I am awaiting their response, because I currently don't see a way I can "fix" this issue without potentially breaking other integrations.

  • You are right. Adding an extension to a folder will have it show up as a file in the Astiga file browser. So for this to work, all the files have to be dumped into the base directory. It's not a practical solution.

    I tested Koofr with another cloud music player on Android and it seems to work well. Hopefully something can be done to make it work with Astiga.

    Please let us know if they respond

    Thank you for always being helpful.

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    It should now work correctly.

    Special thanks to Luka from Koofr for his quick reply, and for helping me discover a bug that has been in Astiga's WebDAV handling for a long time. I would give you a description of what went wrong before, but I am not sure how to explain it in layman's terms.

  • It does work correctly. That was fast!

    Thank you for the prompt action and thanks to Luka for being helpful. No need to explain it because I most likely won't understand it.

    I tested Koofr to see if it's good for Astiga before recommending it to others as currently their lifetime prices are a steal (with coupons). I'm not affiliated with them but I do like shilling for good products, particularly from smaller developers. Just a bit longer and I will start shilling for Astiga all over the web too. ;)

    Again, thank you for taking care of this issue so quickly.

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