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It would be really great to have Sonos support. Astiga is one of the few self-supplied cloud music services that allows nearly infinite tracks in your library so it would fit in perfectly with Sonos. Subsonic has support for Sonos (, and Sonos is designed to stream music from services, so it should be pretty straight-foward.



  • I would LOVE this too. Astiga is a perfect match for Sonos and as @musically says, it wouldn't be that hard to set up as Sonos as an easy to use API ready made to achieve it.

    Please :-)

  • Any updates to this? It's really not a big deal to add Sonos services.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Can you point me toward how easy-peasy this is? 😉

  • Here's two sources showing how subsonic does it:

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    Ah, ok. Looks like we have to exhibit a web service at /ws/Sonos .

    Some other useful resources I've found where it has been implemented in Airsonic and Navidrome:

    Essentially I think this should be possible using the "remote IP" approach ("using a remote Subsonic server"). Note that it is not Subsonic that Sonos is supporting; instead it is the other way around - Subsonic (and the other servers above) implemented a Sonos integration.

    The problem might be how to authenticate the user. I'll have to look into that.

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    Correct, there's a company/product similar to that has Sonos integration (ibroadcast) so you might check with them? You can add unsupported music services like those links I posted (going to <sonos-ip>:1400/customsd) but it would be nice to have Sonos officially add it. I'm sure if you reached out they would help out.

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    Oh right! Thanks for your insights.

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