Same album appearing multiple times in genre

I seem to have a lot of albums that are being listed multiple times. It seems that Astiga is seeing them as being different albums even though the meta data clearly says they are the same album.

Here's an example.

The Coleman Hawkin's album is one album, but it is being listed several times, with a few tracks in each occurance.

I figured it must be the ID3 tags, but I have checked those and they're fine.

In the above screenshot 'The Music in My Head' is also being listed multiple times, when it is one album, and yet Au Pays d'Alice and Glow are listed correctly, but according to my ID3 tag editor there's no difference in the naming conventions.

Any help much appreciated.


  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    If you click on them, do they lead to different URLs? My best guess would be that the songs within the album have malformed album artist tags, which causes them to appear as different albums.

  • I reckon to have checked all the ID3 tags and they certainly look absolutely fine when I check each of them. Here's what three of the URL's look like"

    Look perfectly fine to me, so why they'd appear multiple times just seems proper weird. Problem is that although 80% of the albums (or more) look fine, these ones that don't are messing up the whole catalog.

    Hope someone can help.

  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    Are you sure you haven't switched around the album artist and artist fields? Because it looks that way from what I can see in the database.

  • You were totally right. I can't ever remember entering the Album Artist tag, but I suspect one of the many tools I use might have inserted that without my knowledge. In the tagging software I use (Tag Editor for Mac) the Album Artist field was hidden. Once I made it visible I could see the problem as you suggested.

    Looks like I now have to go through my whole collection, correcting wherever this has happened.

    Thanks for your help!

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