Cracking/static sound


I've just started using Astiga and I've noticed a persistent crackling/static sound in the background when streaming. It's mostly notable at the end of songs or in less loud songs, but it's always there.


  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    That's odd. Is that using the web app or the Android app? If the former: using every browser? And what is the file type?

    Without Astiga premium, Astiga will always play the audio files as-is (so bit-for-bit as you uploaded), and it doesn't do any post-processing (unless you turn on the equaliser). With Astiga premium, it might convert them to FLAC (if it's not one of the file types that your browser can play).

  • Never mind, I think I was being a total idiot. I think it was just an effect the album used.

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