Prioritise album artist tag + grid view

Hi, I have a couple of suggestions for the UI.

Currently, if I open artist by alphabetical, the features are included as separate artists. E.g., I see 2Pac + a list of a dozen features. I believe a better way of doing this would be, as I think GPM did, use album artist to sort artist list as default and use artist to fall back on. This could also be implemented in the search function, although GPM functioned as Astiga did in this regard.

This is compounded by my second issue. In artist view, you have to scroll down to find an artist and you can't skip by letter. A better way of organising this would be to use a grid format, or at least use an A-Z list on the right to skip as is used in the browser section of Astiga.

Thanks for your great work.


  • CoyleyCoyley Member
    edited October 2020

    Thanks, I agree on these. I and others have raised both of these in the past so best way to get them into potential development, is to add your vote to the entries. I have also voted up this request.

  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    Done :-)

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