Expanded Most Played, Recently Played overview filters [Browser]

Currently Astiga browser interface as an Overview tab that contains a dozen Most Played, Recently Played, and Recently Added albums. Being able to select each of these section headers to get a more exhaustive list of most/recently played albums would be useful.

Parity with GPM would be 100 albums shown for a given selected category. If loading that many album tiles simultaneously would be an issue half that would be still be solid.


  • Gonna bump this thread as it's been on my mind a lot lately. On the android player, I constantly use the "recently added albums" and "recently played albums" to queue up what I want to listen to. I'll often drop 20-30 albums into my cloud storage at a time, and on mobile I can scroll through all of them. On the web player, if I've uploaded more than 12 albums it becomes hard for me to find recently uploaded things.

    It would be super nice to have dedicated pages for recently added/recently played/most played, and to be able to configure how many items are displayed for each list. Bonus points for a configurable lookback window on "most played"... the current time period it uses seems fairly useless and unrepresentative of what's actually being played frequently.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Nice ideas! Like I said in the other thread about playlists this is probably an oversight for me; I tend to add albums in small groups of two or three and listen to them, so I'm less affected. I can see how it would be more of an issue if you have larger batches, and/or are adding more music, more often.

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