android app keeps disconnecting when casting

I have had issues with the android app randomly disconnecting when casting to a google home mini. the two devices are an older tablet running android 5 and my phone running android 10 respectively. When i went to check the speaker, i suddenly could not reach it through the google home app and i had to go physicaly reset the speaker by unplugging it. The device is on the far end of the house from the access points but that did not seem to keep it from having music cast to it all night from my phone on the ssame wifi at the other end of the house. Any advice as to why it would suddenly disconnect?


  • KoenKoen Administrator

    This is a bit of guessing from my part, but it seems to have to do with some WiFi instability. I have noticed it where the WiFi is strong enough to be recognised, but not strong enough for any data to come through. Same for my phone. I think I solved it by changing the WiFi band of the access point.

    Why restarting solves it, I don't know.

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