"Invalid Credentials" error with Google Drive?

Hi, I'm getting a new error when syncing my Google drive. I haven't had this problem before today, and I synced within a few days just fine. Now when I look at the log, after a few normal synced files, I see...


"error": {

"errors": [


"domain": "global",

"reason": "authError",

"message": "Invalid Credentials",

"locationType": "header",

"location": "Authorization"



"code": 401,

"message": "Invalid Credentials"



array (

0 =>

array (

'domain' => 'global',

'reason' => 'authError',

'message' => 'Invalid Credentials',

'locationType' => 'header',

'location' => 'Authorization',



Followed by a bunch more of the same thing repeated with different file locations. I always sync to the same single folder in my drive, and I haven't changed passwords or anything lately...any idea? Thanks.


  • Try what's recommended in this thread: https://community.asti.ga/discussion/188/connecting-to-google-drive-shared-drives#latest

  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    If it worked before, then I would recommend editing your storage (the pencil icon next to your connected storage on the home page), and get a new token. There are a couple of cases where a token gets revoked - changing your password is the most common one, but there are a couple of others (cannot find the list at the moment).

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