Bulk add songs to playlist

It would be very handy to have the ability to select multiple songs (or in bulk using shift) to then add them to the current playlist.


  • KoenKoen Administrator

    Just to be sure: this is about the web player and not the app, right?

  • Yes this is about the web player :)

  • Or a 'select all' option. I'm new to Astiga and am mostly liking what I see (GPM refugee) but I can't seem to find a way to just shuffle my entire library. It seems to only do about 125 when i click play random selection. My intent is to create a playlist that has the entire library (hence my agreement with this topic) because I don't think that's doable now?

  • KoenKoen Administrator

    @jert14 You are right. The main issue at the moment is the performance when there are more than ~5000 songs in a playlist. It will work, but it will not at all be performant. That has to be solved first.

  • thanks for the response. understandable. for all practical purposes i suppose a 'play random selection' would last most my work day anyways.

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