Set Astiga as default music provider in Google Assistant

Pretty much as the title says, I would love to set up my account in the Google Home app so I can use it as default service provider. Right now Google struggles with the word Astiga, beside it means I need to set a custom command for every routine command in which I want Google to play some music.

Right know I end up manually casting from my phone or making custom commands. Once it plays, telling it to play or pause works as normal.

I know Google home stuff is beta, so it's really a general request, no complained ????.


  • It makes me wonder how much silver you have to cross google's palm with to be allowed on the list of default providers?

  • KoenKoen Administrator

    Currently it's a manual process Google does with a select amount of companies. They do have plans to make this available for the general public "soon" if I'm not mistaken, which is when Astiga can become the default music provider. When that happens is up to Google.

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