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New to the site, so I don't know if this information is sitting around anywhere. Are there any characters we can add into the metadata of a song to indicate that multiple artists are separate? I have some songs where I have the artists separated by commas (Artist1, Artist 2) but they are treated as one long artist string instead of as two separate artists. I've heard that the semicolon ; is commonly used for programs like this, but it's not universal. Thanks!

(I'm referring mainly to the "Contributing Artists" field, but knowing this info for the "Album Artist" field would be great too!)


  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    Welcome! At the moment this is not supported. I was pretty sure there was a feature request for it, but apparently not. Feel free to create one.

    The difficulty regarding multiple artists/albums/genres is two-fold:

    1. The Subsonic API (which is the thing that the third-party apps connect to) does not support multiple artists/albums/genres, so that makes it more difficult already.
    2. The way your library entries are stored in the database limits it to one artist/album/genre only. Changing it is possible, but not an easy undertaking, as it is quite a fundamental part of how Astiga works (it affects everything that uses the artist/album/genre information in some way, which is quite a lot).

    So it's not impossible to change, but not that simple either. However, I can of course do it if there is sufficient demand for it :-)

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