Sync LastFM scrobblings

Hi! This is also a nice feature to search your most loved music or tracks with no plays.

Not needed a huge integration process. Could be very simple and quick if you get the actual scrobbling value for each track in the first sync of a folder and after that increment only internaly at the same time you make a new scrobble call.

Of course this could increment the time of sync a library but the result makes it worthwhile!

For resync process you could skip this check if the track got a previous sync.



  • I would mainly love if the loved tracks on sync with those in Astiga.

    Perhaps most played etc could also be synchronised so Astiga shows the same info as Last.FM. Altrough I can see issues when you place tracks on other platforms a lot that are not on Astiga so two way synchronising like that might not be working well.

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