Can I integrate my MusicBee playlists and metadata with Astiga?

I have my MusicBee library, music, and playlist files all stored in my pCloud Drive. (MusicBee uses .xautopf and .mbp for playlists but I've got them converted to m3u as well.) After connecting it to Astiga, I can access my music but is there any way to sync my song ratings, play counts, and playlists with Astiga?

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    Play counts cannot be synced at all - Astiga keeps its own internal counter that cannot be set from the outside. As for the other two things: I don't believe so, no.


  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    I don't believe so, no. At least not at the moment. I think the MusicBee plugin can just access Astiga, and that rating etc. has not been implemented yet.

  • puckpuck Member
    edited November 2020

    Ah, that's a shame. Do you know if there's any desktop music player that can sync (playlists, play counts, ratings) with Astiga?

  • Could i do something along these lines:

    1) Using musicbee as my playlist/library manager

    2) Periodically upload all playlist files manually


    Or at least, is there a way to automate playlist management at all?

  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    I would assume so, yes. That said, my knowledge of MusicBee is a bit rough, however, I believe that you can automatically export your playlists to M3U, and then import that playlist in Astiga via

    That said, I have not tried it, so I am not sure how well it would work.

  • I will experiment and report back!

  • Update:

    1) For musicbee users, go into preferences -> library -> playlists. Check the boxes for "use relative paths" and "use unix path conventions"

    2) choose a spot in your cloud server to store playlists. I recommend this NOT be the same folder as your library otherwise it will have to scan your entire library looking for playlists! I set up a separate dropbox storage called "dropboxplaylists" which I will export playlists to.

    Now that this is done, the main issue is that this rather large playlist (1500 tracks) doesn't really have the metadata/tags visible in astiga (webplayer at least). Does this just take some time and then will it have the metadata correct permanently? Or do I have to click each song to load the metadata? Is there an optimal playlist size (i.e. what is "too large")?

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