How long for a first sync?

Hi - having just switched from Mac to Linux, I discovered Astiga as a way to get my music to my phone. I have quite an extensive collection (120 gb), which I'm hosting on pCloud. My first sync has been running for four days now and my Astiga library only shows artists up to the letter B - is that normal? I'd appreciate any feedback from experienced users!


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    With Vibe enabled it takes a lot longer (days instead of hours). If you disable it, it should be a lot faster (a couple hours at most generally).

    How long mostly depends on the amount of files, not so much on how the pure amount of gigabytes. Vibe has been somewhat slow recently, I'm still looking into why, and how I can make it faster, but until I manage to do that it may take a couple of days.

    That said, it should now (2020-11-04 20:00 UTC) be a bit quicker though. :-)

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    Oh, I forgot to add: my advice generally is (if it's taking too long), to sync with vibe turned off first, and then to force sync with vibe enabled. That way, all your files appear in the album/artist etc. sections, and it will do the vibe stuff in the background (which will still take a while, but that should be less of an issue).

  • Thank you so much for the reply! I've disabled Vibe in my settings now, so hopefully this will fix it.

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