Android Astiga App (Beta 1.5.6) Feedback

I have been using the latest beta version of the android app for the past several days and I just would like to say that I totally dig the new interface. Great color choice as well.

The web player is almost perfect, so the mobile app definitely needs more love.

A few notes, if I may:

  • The three dots option menu can be different, showing either [Details, Play last, Permanent cache, Add to Playlist, Star, Set rating] or [Details, Show artist, Show album, Lyrics, Star, Set rating, Add to playlist] depending on whether it is selected within the default album playlist menu (black background) or the album playlist opened via the playlist icon at the lower right corner of the "Now Playing" window (purple background).
  • The "Show artist" option, like "Show album" option, seems to take you to the album page, not the artist page.
  • Any explanation on what the "Lyrics" option does? Is it functional in the current version?
  • The app crashing problem from the previous beta versions persists; by scrolling down albums continuously, the app crashes. I have also had the app crash one me in the previous version after playing several Flac files from the storage browser menu.

Is it possible to have the music database from the server be downloaded/synched locally so that browsing would not require grabbing the items from the server all the time? This would in theory make browsing albums/artists super responsive. From the dev's perspective, how much of a challenge would that pose?

Thank you for continuously improving Astiga. 👍️


  • KoenKoen Member, Former
    edited November 2020

    Will look into it. Regarding the lyrics button: It does nothing. It is a function in Subsonic, that was also implemented in the DSub app (which the Astiga app is based on), however, Astiga does not support it, and I apparently forgot to remove it.

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