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I'm fixing some id3 tags and I would like for Atiga to re-sync only the folder whose files I'm editing.

Otherwise I'll have to wait for a full sync to see the results.

Now, I see that there is an option to speciy the folder to sync but I always get an error telling me that the folder doesn't exists.

The fodler is named after the artist and got a space between name and surname.

I've tried many combinations:

Name Surname

/Name Surname

/Name Surname/

storageName/Name Surname

/storageName/Name Surname

/storageName/Name Surname/

but nothing seems to work. Any idea?

EDit: fixed.

one must indicate the name of the folder starting and not the storage.

So, let's say the storage is dropbox and the music folder is "my music" and the folder to sync is "Artist" the one should indicate "/my mysic/Artist". BAsically it's the same path the we see on the sync log.


  • I had the exact same issue and your solution helped me! Thank you so much!

    This should be explained better on the sync page.

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