artist with a lot of albums/tracks not listing correctly after sync

HI, love astiga, thanks

my sync finished and the log doesn't show any errors

but I can tell that the artists with a large amount of albums/songs has an issue

it should contain 1178 albums, and 23k + songs

but via the web interface if I try list the artists albums it just errors out after trying for awhile

also what does the number next to the artists in artist view represent? it doesn't match albums or songs count in my library

i think i can get around and see everything via the storage view which is good enough

thanks again


  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    I can see why that would possibly cause some issues. When I test Astiga, I test with my own library, which contains "just" 22 000 songs in total, let alone having that many songs belonging to one artist.

    I will look into it, however, I can say in advance that it won't be fixed soon. Currently Astiga crashes when requesting that many songs for one artist, but even if that worked, then your browser would most likely become unresponsive. It is not impossible, but it is also far from trivial.

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