Google Home command to shuffle play whole library

Is there a way to get the Google Home to shuffle play the whole library using a voice command? I have tried everything but can only get it to shuffle play playlists using voice command (by saying shuffle when playing the playlist). Thanks.


  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    At the moment this is not possible, no.

  • That explains it. It's an easy workaround to add all your songs to a playlist and then ask to play that and then shuffle it.

  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    I moved it to the feature requests. It can be done (although I am still working on improving the entire Google Assistant functionality), and if enough others want it too, I will probably implement it.

  • ZMacLeodZMacLeod Member
    edited February 13

    I do want this, yes. This is literally the whole reason I got an account!

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