A setting to avoid repeating songs while shuffling

I hate having a playlist on shuffle just to hear a song I've already heard before hearing some other songs even once.

Am I missing a hidden settings panel or is this really not an included feature?


  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    In the app or the web player? In the web app, it just picks songs (more or less) randomly. In the case of the app, it shuffles the playlist first, and then plays it in the shuffled order.

  • Yes please! I use the web player a lot when I'm at home, and shuffling is so annoying! I want to listen to my songs in random order, but not have the same one repeat 3 times, or one repeat twice, then play another song, then play the same PREVIOUS song after it! I have some small playlists sometimes because I hyperfixate on certain songs, so I'll put the ones I want to listen to repeatedly in a playlist and let it shuffle, and the way it works now it repeats the same one after the other way too much with smaller playlists. It works great on the mobile app, it'd be awesome if it worked the same on web browser too!

  • CambionnCambionn Member
    edited February 2021

    I had some issue with this too.

    I found that if you have repeat on it tends to get stuck on a few songs, while without repeat shuffle tends to have a much wider range only very sometimes by chance replaying a previously played song. Which feels a bit weird to me, as I'm used to shuffle without repeat meaning each song once in random order then stop, and shuffle with repeat means each song can be played multiple times and the list will never stop (which now shuffle without repeat seams to be).

    Also, the first shuffled song has a tendency to be the song just played. As in, if I play a song, halfway turn on shuffle, it had a tendency to take that song as the next "random" one as well.

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