Clarification around S3 Compatible configuration

Hey all, I'm attempting to try out this platform, but I am not understanding the difference between a few of the fields. Hopefully these can be chalked up to my lack of experience.

Endpoint: It explicitly mentions services such as Wasabi (The one I'm attempting to use), but I only see the service url for the specific region ( Is there another one I am missing?

Region: Seems like the same exact thing that I put above, but when I try difference combos of this with or without the https://, it doesn't like any of them.


  • KoenKoen Member, Former
    edited November 2020

    It should look something like this (although with us-west-1 as region instead of eu-central-1):

    A more specific error message can be found when you click on your storage in the menu on the left. It might be a typo in your access key or secret key as well (a trailing space for example, or the user does not have read access to your bucket).

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