Genre -> Album artist view

Desired feature:

My preferred way to listen to music has always been something like: browse to a genre, see an artist with music in that genre, then see albums released by that artist which fits the genre. Is it possible to implement this feature? If not, would at least it be possible to sort albums by album artist instead of album title in genre view?

Thank you!


  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Just reviewing this - two approaches spring to mind:

    1. Allow filters within the genre, e.g. a search option to filter the current album list for a genre by a certain artist.
    2. Support "drill down" on an artist so the selection of albums and tracks displayed is further constrained. E.g. click "Hip hop" then "De La Soul" shows only hip hop albums and songs by De La Soul.

    The latter sounds initially easier to use, but we'd have to be careful about how we communicate navigation and awareness of where the user is in the UI.

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