Something similar to Spotify Wrapped

At the end of every year, Spotify likes to show you a summary of what/who you listened to the most and how long you spent listening to music in their app in total (during that year). If you've never seen it before, go Google it or look at Twitter where everyone's posting theirs.

I think it would be neat if Astiga had a similar feature (maybe even with more details, like how many songs you uploaded during the year?), and I'm sure it would drive a lot of new users to the platform.


  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    Good idea, will look into that

  • Perhaps you can post the info from Last.FM, assuming you linked Astiga to it. It'll give you that info and much more. It updates the yearly statistics after new years eve tho. Which makes sense, since that's when the year ends. But I must admit I do feel a bit behind having to wait while everyone else is already posting.

    It might not advertise Astiga like an Astiga native version would, but as far as sharing statistics of what you listen too nothing will be as elaborate as that.

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