Vibe will be deprecated January 2021

KoenKoen Member, Former

Vibe will be going away in January.

Let me start by saying that removing functionality is always more difficult than adding new functionality; taking something away that people used is never easy, and is not something I take lightly.

Vibe was introduced in February 2020, and has never really been out of beta.

There are a few reasons why I did make this decision, the main reason being performance. As some of you have noticed over the past month, synchronising with Vibe turned on was not exactly quick - on the contrary, when I tested it with my, comparatively modest library of 20 000 songs, it took more than a week. Synchronising has never been really quick, but the decrease in performance when using Vibe, compared to a regular sync, has become worse over the past couple of months. I have tried to improve the performance, and whilst it did improve slightly, it was still too slow.

The second reason is that the amount of people that have used Vibe in the last week has been ~5. That is not enough to warrant the effort it takes to keep it running.

The third reason ties in with the second reason, and that is that the results from Vibe never got to the level where I wanted it to be.

What will happen now?

Vibe has been removed from the website and page. If you still have Vibe enabled, it will keep working for now. If you do not have Vibe enabled, or disable Vibe, then it will no longer show up in the menu or in the settings.

Starting from January, Vibe will be fully going away for everyone.

My apologies to those who still used Vibe.


  • I hadn't used Vibe until recently. I tested it while adding some albums. Sync took over 3 days! But otherwise Vibe looks like a very, very cool feature.

    Any idea why sync took such a long time?

  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    @Agista There were two separate queues: one for synchronisations with Vibe, and one without. Doing the analysis costs a lot of CPU power, and if the arrivals to the queue arrive faster than the server is able to process them, the queue length will eventually tend to infinity. It did not come that far yet, but there have been bursts where it would cause a sync to suddenly take weeks instead of a day. I have upgraded the server it runs on (all syncing happens on a separate server anyway), so that it could handle more, and whilst that did help, it still would not suffice. You can probably find a server that can handle it, but my wallet would not be able to handle that. The normal queue never has had issues.

    On the flip side, this means more server power is available to the regular queue, which means they can now be faster.

  • This is for the better then. It might be a bummer for the few people who use the feature, but overall I think Vibe is a bonus, not an integral feature.

  • I support this decision. Vibe was the least important feature for me. Development capacity should be routed towards other features.

  • I enabled Vibe but totally forgot about it until today. It looks really cool, but if it is slowing down normal functionality then I understand.

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