Issues with indexing/FTP connection

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I'm trying to set Astiga up to work as my media player, and having two issues getting it to work properly.

My setup is like this: I've got a hard drive attached via USB 3.0 to my router, which is acting as a FTP(S) server. Media files are on the drive, organized by folder (/NAS/Music/%Artist%/%Album%).

1) Tracks aren't indexed, and media tags don't seem to be imported

I can (usually, aside from the error below) browse without issue by accessing the storage file directly, and see/browse the media I've got. However, these files (mostly mp3) don't appear in Library, Songs, or Albums, without manually tagging them (auto-tag works just fine.)

The files are tagged properly (I think: most of the tags are ID3v2.3), but these tags don't seem to be recognized by Astiga. Another (android) app, Cx File Explorer, has no issue seeing these tags.

2) Now, I'm getting an error message when going to "storage"

The actual error text is below:

An error occurred
Are you sure that you entered the login details correctly?
Go back to the initial directory

I've played with this a bit, and can get more specific errors by providing a wrong password or initial folder, but can't currently browse my storage. This is a new error- I had no trouble browsing as of eight hours ago.

I've checked with Cx File Explorer over mobile data, which has no problems connecting to the server and playing media. What's strange- I checked the logs off of the FTP server after a "failed" connection attempt from Astiga:

04.12.20   9:29:25   Login of user **** to the FRITZ!Box FTP service from the IP address

Which looks like a successful login to me, I'm just getting errors trying to browse anything! What's even odder- the one file I have tagged correctly does play, even while I'm unable to browse the contents of the drive.

Edit: I've removed/updated the drive from Astiga. Both issues persist. Logs from Astiga look like this, which tells me that it's getting access, at least. Attempts to browse via android give me "A network error occurred," while Soumi connects without issue- although it's very clunky.

START  2020-12-04 14:30:20
GET    /NAS/Music
GET    /NAS/Music/Be'lakor
GET    /NAS/Music/Be'lakor/2007 - The Frail Tide
GET    /NAS/Music/Be'lakor/2009 - Stone's Reach
GET    /NAS/Music/Zero 7/Zero 7 - 2006 - The Garden (320 from lossless)
GET    /NAS/Music/Zero 7/Zero 7 - 2009 - Yeah Ghost (320 from lossless)
END    2020-12-04 14:34:59

Apologies for making this lengthy- I wanted to give as much info up-front as possible. If anyone has any ideas on addressing these issues, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the help!

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  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    I have not yet had the time to look into it, but there are three things that happen more often:

    • Are both passive and active FTP supported and working? If not, did you pick the right one?
    • If you use FTPS, is the certificate valid, and not self signed?
    • Can the server be reached from outside your network? (I'd assume so, but just to be sure)
  • Thanks for taking a look at this!

    I've just checked the disk containing media for errors ( chkdsk /f on windows) which seems to have fixed the connection error. (I also made an effort at removing non-standard characters from files & filenames- this may have had an effect.)

    At this point, I'm just back to the first error- I can freely browse files and play media, but the files don't appear in the library. Astiga, both from the app and the browser, are reading tags during playback, but my library/albums/songs are still empty.

  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    It should now be working for the most part at least - the issue was that the server tried to return the filenames in an invalid encoding. It now specifically asks the server to return UTF8 (which is what your server supports, so it works).

    However, you might need to increase the maximum simultaneous connections your server supports, because about one in four files fails due it being unable to connect. Or it might work better with passive/active FTP (whatever the other option is).

  • Amazing- thanks a bunch for looking into this! I'll play around with things on my end from here out, now that I'm sure the issue is entirely on my end.

  • A final update to this- it appears that the final issue in syncing my library is that the scan itself is hitting my upload limit: this FTP server is on my home network, and I've only got 10 Mbps upload speeds. Since the sync appears to be pulling multiple files at a time and reading the contents, it's maxing out my upstream connection almost immediately.

    If there were a way to index locally, throttle the sync speed, or download just the IDv3 tag (this may be happening regardless), it would likely be possible to sync without these errors.

    Thanks for all the help!

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