Album on artist page sorted on release date instead of alphabet

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EDIT: Excuses, this was supposed to go in feature requests, but I can't seem to manually move it.

I generally order all my CDs on artist name (by last name or group name), then that artist albums on release date. This is to my knowledge a common way to sort CDs. For example, right now my PSY albums go: 8th album, 7th album, single between 6th and 7th, 5th album, 6th album.

When checking all files of a genre etc I do like it on alphabet tho.

With the metadata editor I saw Astiga does acknowledge the release year tag, but when I go to an artist page their albums are sorted on alphabet.

Either sorting albums on artist page on release to create a chronological timeline of release, or even better maybe, making a setting on what way to sort for each page, might be nice. I understand it might be difficult to be truly chronological when multiple releases are from the same year as generally you don't input the exact date, but sorting on year would be a good start as in many cases it will be correct. If Astiga can recognise full dates I be really amazed tho, and I gladly manually retag all my files for that.


  • In Settings > Appearance you can toggle whether albums are shown by year or alphabetical order.

    I have not tried it, but that may work for you.

  • KoenKoen Administrator

    That currently works if you have "Browse by tags" enabled; it won't have any effect if you use the normal folder browsing.

    I will consider it. I have moved it to the feature requests category by the way, so it can now be voted on. I personally don't know what the most common way is to order albums - I personally tend to use alphabetical, although I sometimes prefer chronological too. Regarding full dates: Astiga does support it in the sense that it will store it as-is. However, I have tried to do parsing in the past, but removed it later. For example, which date is earlier: 04/06/2012 or 06/04/2012? Different people will give different answers.

  • I tend to use alphabetical and if I'm really motivated to want to see an artist's albums in date order, I will put it into the album name like this:

    The Who - 1967 - Who Sell Out

    The Who - 1969 - Tommy


  • This is only on phone I think. I know I forgot to mention, but I'm mainly wanting this for the desktop/web app. On phone, I use the browser and since I have my files sorted in folders with artist name with inside folders following the of "[release year] - [album name]" I don't have the "issue" there.

    Not only do I think this is less pretty/clean, but I also use a lot. It would break all the scrobbles in the sense that I don't push it to the existing album and create a new one, which isn't great. So that's not really a solution for me.

  • Yes good point on I don't use it so not an issue for me.

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    This would indeed be great to have in the web player! It is much more intuitive to have albums sorted by year (both ascending and descending), rather then by name.

    My other pet-peeve related to this is that release year is nowhere to be found on the albums page. I consider album release year as essential as a track number when displaying songs in an album.

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