Covers disappear.


I'm using Astiga with success from several months and I'm really happy with it. However, today, and for an unknown reason, all album art/covers do not display anymore...

I cleared the cache, reboot phone, but nothing seems to work. I ultimately launched a full sync from my cloud storage, hoping things get back to normal.

Does anyone experienced this ? If this is a bug, how can I help to fix this ?

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    I'm aware of it. There is a partial outage at Wasabi, the service Astiga uses to store the album art. The good thing is that you don't have to do anything, and that it will fix itself in due time. The bad thing is that there is little I can do to speed up the process.

    You can follow the current status here:

    Everything else should still work - only the album art and profile pictures should be affected.

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    @MonsieurToc I'm a pretty bad magician I'm afraid. The app gets the cover art from, and then the server retrieves the cover art and serves it as a response, meaning Astiga does the DNS resolving. The webapp gets the cover art from, and then redirects you to the resource on Wasabi (, meaning your computer does the DNS resolving. So if your DNS server does know where to find, but Astiga's DNS server does not, then you will get your cover art in the webapp, and Astiga will not, thus it does not work in the app. The opposite holds true as well.

    It seems like it is restored now for the most part.


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    To provide some insight into what is happening: Astiga stores the album art externally at a service called Wasabi. You can think of this as professional cloud storage. Last time I checked, Astiga stored around 400GB of album art at Wasabi. Now what is happening is that Wasabi is having some DNS issues. DNS is essentially the phone book of the internet, and translates "" into an address "".

    What happened is that if you now ask the phone book what the address for "", depending on where you are in the world, and who you ask, you will get the response "no idea". That is why it is not working, and that's what they are fixing now. It is also why I cannot fix.

    My apologies for the inconvenience caused.

  • Thank you very much!, Hope it get´s resolved soon

  • Thanks Koen for the detailed explanation ! No worries, I'm used with these kind of issues ;-)

    For more information, we can also check wasabi status page :

    One last thing, when using webapp, the covers are displayed correctly. How is that possible ? I suppose you're not using a second cloud provider for these ? So, what's the magic ?

  • Covers were back for me from earlier today.

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