ERROR This file does not appear to be an audio file

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While syncing my mp3 library, I receive the following error for certain files, which appears to be random. It's quite a lot, actually.

2021-01-15T14:19:21 FAILED music/neofolk - dark folk, apocalyptic, urfolk, medieval/Harvest Rain - 2006 - Blood Hymns/02 - Most Northerly Midnight.mp3
2021-01-15T14:19:21 ERROR  This file does not appear to be an audio file

These files do not appear when browsing my library (presumably because the tags were not read). However, I can still access them from my storage/folder navigation. From here I can see that they are missing their metadata. However, they play perfectly fine and once they are added to the play queue the metadata and album art then appear. The metadata does not permanently update though. It seems to just temporarily display within my play queue.

I will try resyncing to see if that helps, but it's a big library and takes a while.

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    I think I fixed the issue where that could sometimes happen in combination with Google Drive. That said, if it happens more often, and it constantly happens for the same files, then it is also worth checking whether the file is actually an audio file. The boundary between audio and video is not always clear, and some audio files are actually video files (especially M4A/M4B, but also others).

  • I will attempt a full reimport, thanks.

    To clarify though, these files were mp3s and can be played in Astiga no problem. In fact, it shows the metadata fine once its playing (along with the album art), but it still doesn't get added to the library, so perhaps it was just an import issue.

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    Don't do the force rescan (well, you can, but you don't need to). If a file failed during the scan, it will be picked up during the next incremental scan, and indexed. Same for if a file was added, removed, or changed. Saves quite a bit of time, as most of your files were probably added correctly, and have not changed since then.

    (Plus, I already did a scan to test whether it was actually fixed, which you can see if you go to the "Show last log" link on the sync page)

  • Nice! The files that were missing are now there.

    You're getting a long-term subscriber. 🍻

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