Toggle between tile and list view with album art when in storage mode

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By being able to toggle between tile and list view from within storage mode, every folder can be treated the same way that an "artist" or an "album" is treated in library mode. Why, you ask? Because tiles show off album art and is nicer to navigate! Visual reference builds mental models and is part of the collecting experience.

Any time a folder contains music within it then the first file's album art can be shown. Some media players that support this create a little mini-collage of all of the album art within that folder. That's cool, but perhaps overkill. Folders generally have a 1:1 relationship to albums, so the art would all be the same anyway. I would love this!

Example use case:

Can help emulate something like this...

  1. Browse through my root music folder, which contains many folders to categorize music in my own way, preferably in list view. I use things like historical musical movements, scenes, record labels, individual artists who I appreciate with many side projects, etc, so genre tagging doesn't work for me.
  2. Browse through the albums within each subfolder in tile view. This could be the folders themselves with the album art, or tag-based album view, sorted by artist.


  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    Just to be clear: this is about the the web interface, right? Because the app does have a large album option (Settings -> Appearance -> Large album art).

  • It was about both. But, now it's only about the web interface! :D

    I just found the setting in the app. Very cool. This is great. But yeah, on web it would be nice too.

    You rock man.

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